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The story of Biotrade has begun in 90‘ as company called Mercotrade Elektronik s.r.o.. Laboratory & hospital equipment was just one part of bigger group. During that time we have quitted some dealer contracts. For example we do not sell any more bioreactors made by B.Braun, vitality monitoring by Corometrics or Telstar‘s freeze-dryers. Biotrade has entered marked of laboratory devices in 1996 as spin-off company of divided Mercotrade Elektronik s.r.o.

We have found new stronger partners. Companies like Infors HT (bioreactors & shakers), SP Scientific (freeze-dryers & solvent evaporators) or SHP Steriltechnik are just the best in what they do. Small family company like ours has not assumptions and neither need to be dealer of all laboratory products on the market. Our goal is to be a specialist with knowledge of some processes of biotechnological production - e.g. shakers, fermenters, freeze dryers and centrifugal evaporators.

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Biotrade is open to business cooperation with producers of another biotechnological devices like continual centrifugation, ultrafiltration, cell production, etc.

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